Learn about 3D Planning with SketchUp and CityEngine

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Our world is 3D, but many of our plans and maps are still 2D. When planning for growth, designing new development, or reviewing design plans in your community, you must understand the project’s context.  It is now easier than ever for planning and urban design to take the full spatial context of a project into account. Realistic visualization of the built environment helps to communicate urban plans or development impacts with less technical audiences. This session will show the power of today's 3D technology within reach of every planner and designer where it can help shape better policies and decisions. This session will take a deep dive into planning workflows that integrate SketchUp and CityEngine so that you can model and better understand your city in 3D. 

In this webinar you will:

  • see live demonstrations highlighting scenarios frequently faced by planners in their work.
  • learn how emerging web-based 3D capabilities are being deployed in planning departments around the world to support these strategic planning objectives.
  • take a tour of real-world case studies that showcase the use of 3D software applications across planning and urban design. 
  • learn methods behind how to create and make use of existing and readily available 2D GIS data to create 3D models the size of a neighborhood to entire cities.


Chris Dizon, Lead Engineer, SketchUp

Brooks Patrick, Account Executive, Esri

Devin Lavigne, Principal, Houseal Lavigne Associates

Who should attend

Anyone interested in using 3D for city planning

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