Learn How to Enable Big Data Frameworks with Location Intelligence

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Are you ready to leverage your big data platform investment? Because “knowing where” matters, Pitney Bowes has provided the most advanced geocoding and location intelligence solutions to organizations that demand the highest level of spatial insights. Many organizations need essential capabilities that cleanse and validate customer data and then augment them with additional with location-based attributes. If you imagined that this power requires large computing muscle, then join us to learn how Pitney Bowes is leveraging Hadoop frameworks and its expertise in geo-processing to solve this problem to rapidly and iteratively calculate massive amounts of geospatial data. Solutions for big data frameworks allow users with tremendous investments in data assets to turn these data into business information faster.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • How spatial processing and precision geocoding within Hadoop frameworks is providing unparalleled performance and opportunity.
  • How our big data location intelligence solutions will integrate with existing enterprise computing investments, such as AWS EMR, Cloudera and Hortonworks.
  • How Pitney Bowes extensive library of data products will “geoenrich” your data through intelligent geofences to drive operational use cases in geocoding, routing, geospatial analysis, and data monetization.


Joe Francica, Managing Director, Location Intelligence, Pitney Bowes

Tim McKenzie, General Manager, Big Data Solutions at Pitney Bowes

Rose Winterton, Global Product Director, Location Intelligence Emerging Technology and User Experience

Who should attend

GIS professionals, users, managers, directors, engineers, developers, and analysts; enterprise solution architects and engineers; business analysts; business intelligence solutions users needing location analytics; current and prospective MapInfo Pro users; users of competitive desktop mapping products.

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