City of Toronto Enhances Public Safety Using Real-time Big Data and Map Rendering with Oracle and AGSI

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Just the facts

As government budgets tighten, law enforcement organizations are looking for technologies which allow them to more quickly identify and respond to public safety threats. Using Oracle Database and Oracle MapViewer, the City of Toronto Police Services worked with Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI) to leverage Go360 Social Media Edition software to search, review and map social media traffic in real time. By mapping this streaming content, public safety officials can more quickly isolate, identify and respond to incidents, thereby enhancing public safety.

In this webinar you will learn

  • How to collect big data, like social media, and geotag it for mapping
  • How to map geotagged data to quickly identify incidents
  • How to search geotagged data for research and analysis

More details

Attendees will see a demo of AGSI’s Go360 Public Safety & Security Suite used by Toronto Police Services to search all publicly posted messages from organizations such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and others.  The Go360 platform uses the latest HTML5 capabilities of MapViewer.  The platform maps the location of messages sent and identifies the senders. Safety officials can use the data collected to help solve crimes, as evidence in court, to identify potential witnesses, or respond to natural disasters and other emergencies. This unique solution was recently used by all New York area police agencies for monitoring social media feeds to assist in responding to incidents “live” at the Super Bowl. It is also currently used throughout the Caribbean to ensure safety for tourists visiting the islands.


Michael Jander, Chief Security Officer, AGSI
Carol Palmer, Principal Product Manager, Oracle MapViewer

Who should attend

CIOs, IT directors, programs managers, chiefs of police, and any government officials who need to quickly identify and respond to public safety threats

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Michael Jander
Chief Security Officer, AGSI

Michael was a detective constable with Toronto Police Services for almost 25 years before joining AGSI.
During his police career he worked in many fields including priority response, community policing, marine policing, communications, intelligence and investigative support.

Michael became expert in the use of technology as an investigative tool to track criminals and help lead to their arrests. During the 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto, $2.1 million in damage was caused in less than 31 minutes. Using facial recognition technology and social media, Michael assisted in bringing charges against many of the offenders.

Since joining AGSI in the fall of 2013, Michael has been instrumental in developing the Go360 Social Media Edition tool being used by police services and emergency managers worldwide. His services include technical assistance and advice on investigative practices.

In recognition of the skills that he contributes to modern police investigations, Michael has been appointed as a senior police officer and customs officer by the Royal Saint Christopher Police Force on the island of St. Kitts in the West Indies.

Carol Palmer
Principal Product Manager, Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer

Carol is on the product management team for Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer and Oracle Spatial and Graph. She is involved in a wide variety of product management tasks and interfaces with customers and partners for the enterprise spatial database management platform. She is based at Oracle's New England Development Center in Nashua, NH, where most of the product team resides.

Farbod Soroosh
Chief Products Officer, AGSI

Farbod provides architectural oversight and development coordination for Go360 products. He is a certified professional with several years of experience in software development.

As Chief Products Officer, Farbod aims to tightly integrate the vision, strategy, design and marketing of Go360 products in order to promote the development of cutting-edge applications and systems to ensure business success and client satisfaction.

Farbod is responsible for all product-related matters including product vision and strategy, product design and development, and product marketing and management. He leads a team of technical developers and analysts, as well as staff devoted to quality control, release management and support services. All are focusing on the conception, development and advancement of Go360 products, which are helping to transform businesses by granting managers the ability to access and analyze data faster than ever before.

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