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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gigapans - What are They and How are They Useful in GIS?

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Gigapans are gigapixel panoramas or digital images with billions of pixels. These enormous panoramas have fascinating detail, all captured in the context of a single brilliant photo. Gigapixel images allow photographers to get “up close and personal” with each image they take and offer them a new way to deliver content in the advertising, sports, education, geology, life sciences and outdoor photography industries, and more.
GigaPan gives photographers the technology to easily create high-resolution panoramic images, as well as upload the large images to to view and explore. GigaPan EPIC robotic camera mounts can capture hundreds of photos using almost any digital camera. Our stitch software allows you to automatically combine the thousands of images taken into one highly detailed image with amazing depth and clarity. offers the ability to view and explore images directly on our website, or you can embed our viewer application onto a third-party website. 
A tool that enhances communication, exploration and learning, the GigaPan user-base is diverse and global. Artists, scientists, humanitarians, students and educators are among the most prevalent users. In India, GigaPan can be used to explore landscapes, outcrops and microscopic details of rocks and minerals. It can be used in stadiums, or at national heritage monuments and landmarks to get a clear and in-depth detail of the place.
The ability to capture a scene in such high resolution enables viewers to virtually explore and learn about landscapes that might not otherwise be accessible due to weather, geography, handicap, etc. GigaPan provides a way to collect accurate photos for GIS and mapping.

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