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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Learn About Energy Mapping with Open Standards

Sponsored by: Directions Media and the Open Geospatial Consortium
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This webinar provides examples from Canadian organizations that are using open standards to support planning, design, implementation, measurement and visualization of Integrated Community Energy Solutions (ICES). 
Speakers include:
Ben Clark, Analyst, Climate Change Policy Unit, Ministry of Environment, Government of British Columbia. Clark will describe the value that local and provincial stakeholders are deriving from Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) reports for all BC communities, and from the ‘next generation’ of buildings data, which provides increased granularization and spatialization of energy usage data through Tract and Neighborhood Data Modeling (TaNDM).
Cory Slinger, Manager of Market Development, Horizon Utilities Corporation (Ontario). Slinger will provide an overview of the value, barriers and opportunities for demand conservation programs and Smart Grid, using geospatial information (using their work as an example). Horizon Utilities Corporation is the first company ever to be named the “Sustainability Company of the Year” by the Canadian Electricity Association for two consecutive years - 2011 and 2012. 
Eddie Oldfield, owner/CEO of Spatial QUEST Solutions. Oldfield will introduce a proposed Energy Spatial Data Infrastructure Test Bed (Open Call) and identify marketplace requirements that can be addressed by interoperable Web services that implement OGC interface and encoding standards.
This webinar is part of the OGC's GovFuture program for local and subnational governments.

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