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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Learn about GeoPackage:  A New OGC Standard for Mobile App Development

Sponsored by: OGC
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Just the facts
GeoPackage is an open standard that provides mainstream application developers an easy mechanism for accessing geospatial data in a format that can be used directly by mobile devices such as smartphones.  GeoPackage is based on SQLite. This webinar will provide an overview of the applications and resources for developers who want to utilize the new standard.
In this webinar you will learn
  • How GeoPackage lets application developers of lightweight mobile apps tap into a mix of powerful cloud-based location services  and data
  • How GeoPackage works in situations where Internet access is intermittent or disconnected entirely
  • How GeoPackage is useful for applications in mobile workforce data capture, providing information during an emergency event
  • How GeoPackage APIs increase cross-platform interoperability of apps and Web services in a mobile environment
More details 
Officials involved with public safety, public works, transportation and disaster management know that limited network access or network failure compromise access to mission-critical map data. And when the network is not reliable, map data must be loaded and stored on mobile devices. Often, existing GIS and mapping applications rely on unique, proprietary and expensive map data solutions that don’t support sharing across organizations.  GeoPackage helps solve these problems.  Developers who are not geospatial experts can implement this standard to provide government agencies with inexpensive and innovative location information solutions.  The OGC GeoPackage standard can also help government IT managers save money and time by providing their stakeholders with improved capabilities for sharing geospatial data.
Jeff Harrison, President, CEO and Founder, The Carbon Project
Frank Suykens, CTO, Luciad
Marten Hogeweg, Esri
Who should attend 
Government officials who specify requirements for location solutions, and the providers who develop those solutions

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