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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Webinar: Watch the Recorded: How the OGC’s CityGML Standard Supports 3D Innovation for Business and Government

Sponsored by: OGC
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Developments achieved in the Netherlands, including use cases from the city of Rotterdam

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), in cooperation with Directions Magazine, invites the international geospatial community to participate in a webinar. Speakers will describe how CityGML has been integrated with the Netherlands' national 2D standard and how public sector CityGML data are being used by public and private sector application developers in Rotterdam, Europe's largest seaport.

Attendees will learn about the 3D Pilot NL, an award-winning collaborative pilot project to establish a national standard for 3D geoinformation in the Netherlands. The Netherlands 3D standard is an implementation of the OGC CityGML Standard. By joining CityGML with the existing national 2D standards framework, 3D Pilot NL laid the groundwork for one of the world's most comprehensive national 3D geoinformation infrastructures.

Speakers include:
•Steven Ramage, Executive Director for Marketing and Communications, Open Geospatial Consortium
•Carsten Roensdorf, Ordnance Survey, Great Britain and Chairman of the CityGML Working Group
•Jantien Stoter, Associate Professor, GISt, OTB, TU Delft; Consultant Product and Process Innovation, Kadaster, Apeldoorn; Consultant Geo-ICT, Geonovum, Amersfoort; and Project Leader of the 3D Pilot in The Netherlands
•Joris Goos, Head of Survey Services, City of Rotterdam, and the project leader for the Data Acquisition working group

This is the second webinar in the OGC GovFuture webinar series.

If you'd like more information about CityGML, here are two links that you may find useful:

CityGML wiki

There is a course available through the Technical University of Berlin on the topic. You an also access the course via iTunes (search on CityGML).

A day-long informational introduction to CityGML was held last March (links to the full day of presentations). The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the 3D Pilot participants to CityGML, and it was hosted and organized by OTB, TU Delft.

A list of publications on the 3D Pilot is also available (some are in English).

You can also access a list of videos posted on YouTube about the uses cases of the 3D Pilot.

You may download a sample 3D database for the City of Rotterdam.

The file titled (downtown) would be an interesting one. You can also e-mail the Rotterdam 3D project team if you are interested in more specific information about the Rotterdam 3D project.

You can visit the OGC home page.

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