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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OGC Update: Climate-Hydrologic Information Sharing Pilot Demo

Sponsored by: The Open Geospatial Consortium
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During this webinar, you will learn about the OGC Climate-Hydrologic Information Sharing Pilot (CHISP-1), which is an innovative prototype virtual observatory system for publishing water resource information collected from observations and forecasts in the U.S. and Canada. This webinar will describe CHISP-1, the open standards it utilizes, and the functions it’s designed to support.

Just the Facts
In a nutshell, CHISP-1 makes it possible to link diverse hydrologic observations data to representations of the stream network, enabling queries of conditions upstream from a given location to return data from all relevant gages and well locations. Previously, this was not practical because of the diverse data sources available.
Key Takeaways
CHISP-1 is designed to support:
Speakers include:
The CHISP-1 activity is conducted under the policies and procedures of the OGC interoperability program.
Sponsors include:
Who should attend
Anyone interested in integrating water resource information from diverse sources for purposes of alerting, reporting and modeling

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