You, GIS, and the Local Update of Census Addresses Operation for the 2020 Census

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A full and complete address list is the first step in conducting an accurate and complete census. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are providing innovative technology to assist with these addresses review and preparation operations for the 2020 Decennial. The Census Bureau working in partnership with local governments will use data collected through the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) operation to enhance and correct address files.

Once each decade the Census Bureau may share the Census Master Address File (MAF) with local communities in preparation for the Decennial Census. The MAF is protected under Title 13 of the United States Code to ensure confidentiality and security of Census Data. The LUCA operation is a once a decade opportunity for state, county, and local jurisdictions to review and comment on the MAF.   


  • background information on the LUCA Operation,
  • details and a timeline for participation,
  • guidelines for participation.

Please join us to learn how your community can get involved and become part of the address and geography building for the 2020 Decennial Census.


Analisa M. Rusnack, Geographic Coordinator, Philadelphia Regional Office, U.S. Census Bureau

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