Hexagon Geospatial Product Updates

June 4, 2014

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Here are some very brief update notes from each product offered by Hexagon Geospatial:


GeoMedia is now delivered in three tiers:

  • Essentials: basic GeoMedia
  • Advantage: reasonably low-priced data capture seat for vector data capture and GIS data creation, raster analysis, elevation artifacts
  • Professional: data management, quality control, advanced feature modeling

Administratively, you can load one desktop administrator to the server and then you can provide access to users as necessary. Plus, Windows 8.1 is supported and all tiers have been converted to the new Windows ribbon interface. Tiers can connect to an APOLLO data catalog and data can be imported or exported to GeoMedia Smart Client.

For the GeoMedia Professional tier the tracing function has been enhances to support building network models. Dimensioning is supported for incorporating building information models. Other features include transaction management, edge matching and conflation.

GeoMedia also maintains a few add-on modules. GeoMedia 3D will run on any tier and users will find that it is working better with CityGML than in the past. Workflow improvements have been made to working with ECW data and users can now efficiently integrate large collections of ECW data. In GeoMedia Transportation Manager LRS commands are now rolled forward into version 14 and available on the ribbon bar.

Users will find that GeoMedia Mapping Manager is a bundle of two products that can be bought independently:

  1. Feature Cartographer - production oriented
  2. Map Publisher - generalization, instance editing and separate cartographic edits

GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Pro 2014 includes a few key enhancements:

  • Frame by frame visibility
  • Dehaze enhancement
  • Compatible with GeoMedia Essentials


ERDAS IMAGINE was an early adopter of a graphical modeler for image processing workflows. Now, with tighter integration with GeoMedia it is anticipated that some of the GeoMedia functions can be incorporated with the existing modeler. However, Hexagon is also may be taking out the editor and embed it in GeoMedia. Other key enhancements include:

  • Integrate spectral libraries into IMAGINE
  • Advanced classification: Object-based classification - necessary due to the fact that with higher resolution imagery new techniques that can incorporate shading, size or anything that describes a shape better than prior training schemes must be accommodated. The more users are able to discern objects on an image, the more sophisticated the algorithms must be to include object variations.
  • Support for 64-bit environment
  • SAR Interferometry - some tools working in modeler
  • Coming in the 2015 Release
    • LASTools from rapidlasso
    • FME transformers
    • Transformers from MyVR
    • More IMAGINE Objective operations
    • RADAR Operators
    • More wizards from ERMapper
    • Atmospheric corrections
    • IMAGE Chain
    • 3D Tin surfaces instead of point clouds
    • 3D measure
    • View a profile using existing vector layers
    • Point cloud streaming from ERDAS APOLLO on the cloud


  • Style vector improvements such as the ability to define expressions and attribute based symbology
  • Native NITF streaming
  • Georeferencing support
  • JPEG2000 codestream support

GeoMedia Smart Client

  • Raster Blaster: convert vector CAD to png and jpg files
  • Integrate maps into reports
  • Workflows and forms can be styled via .css to fit customer requirements
  • Re-project Bing Maps to fit your data with on the fly coordinate transformation
  • Handle symbology settings for client-side redline features
  • Many styles can be mixed in one layer
  • Support for Windows 8 for tablets
  • Display of Esri's file based data sources (FileGeoDataBase, shapefiles) via GeoMedia WebMap

Image Station

The focus of the enhancements has been on helping customers primarily involved in data throughput

  • Streamlined orthomosaic production
  • Advanced image processing
  • Multi-user workflows
  • Workflow to IMAGINE LPS

Geospatial SDI

  • Standards based web service
  • Complies with INSPIRE directive
  • Easily configure view services
  • View web services in 3d

GeoSpatial Portal

  • Configurable application (multi-lingual out of the box)
  • Perform print with any connected print service
  • New 3D viewing mode
  • Geospatial portal SDK
  • ERDAS APOLLO vector and business data worksflows compatible
  • GUI enhancements

FLASH:  GeoMedia Upgrade Campaign

For those who have been using 6.1 and have let the maintenance lapse there is good news. Maintenance paying customers as well as lapsed maintenance customers who pay the one year renewal will have the option to upgrade from GeoMedia Essential to GeoMedia Advantage for a cost of only 40% of the difference in the price of the two tiers (paying the maintenance for Advantage is of course required).

Disclaimer: Hexagon supported travel for this writer to attend the HxGN LIVE event


Sharing is Caring

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