Podcast: Your UAV Questions Answered

November 28, 2018

Sharing is Caring

Before you fly that drone gift on your wish list this year, listen to some UAV expert panelists answer your submitted questions.


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Question Bookmarks

How do you not fly over people or moving vehicles per Part 107 regs? (1:04)

What are the restrictions for flying in Federal Wilderness areas? (7:46)

Has anyone been successful in getting a waiver to fly beyond the line of sight? (13:38)

Where can you find good best practices documentation to provide students or others who are new to drone operations, other than the FAA website? (16:53)

What are the latest multispectral and LiDAR capabilities of drones? (18:08)

Are there any efforts to incorporated artificial intelligence that you can share? (22:25)

What are some good examples of humanitarian uses of UAV/UAS? (25:40)

Should educators seek to obtain a drone license for teaching and research purposes? (27:53)

What's the process and cost of obtaining a commercial drone license?(29:44)

What's the best setting regarding angle, resolution, and image format? (32:44)

What is the best horizontal accuracy in orthomosaic and photomosaic? (34:36)

Where do you see the greatest drone-related business opportunities in the next 5 years? (38:02)

What does the next year look like in drone technology? (43:34)


Sharing is Caring

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