GraphHopper Provides Open Source Routing Solutions and Routing as a Service


Sharing is Caring

Our goal as a company is to offer routing products that are powerful and easy to integrate in applications from various industries. Our services are based on our open source projects: the GraphHopper routing engine and the GraphHopper optimization engine jsprit. Both of them are licensed under the permissive and corporate-friendly Apache license. We have always been investing into these projects and will invest even more when we grow as a company.

Open Core

We are confident that the mix of Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, closed and open source features will be successful. It allows technically interesting combinations of open and closed source. For example, a company could use a custom Route Optimization API where the standard core software is replaced by their modified one. Our customers can also use custom distance matrices be it for indoor route optimization, for using Google Maps Distance Matrix values or for tuning the ETAs to own calculated ones.

We try to not stand in the way and let our customers get things done.

Growing Business

We are happy that already hundreds of companies use the GraphHopper Directions API and many more use our open source products. Our contributors, users and customers explore with us the possibilities and future capabilities of our products. As we do not build end user applications, just demo applications like this route planner, we do not compete with our customers and can provide permissive usage terms for our Directions API. Our business is bootstrapped which makes us an independent and sustainable routing provider that differentiates us from most of our competitors.

The GraphHopper Directions API consists of the following five APIs.

1. The Routing API

The Routing API allows users to calculate the best route between two or more locations. We provide several vehicle profiles like car, walking, biking, mountain biking, truck, bus, ... to make 'the best route' dependent on customers' requirements. Routing API

2. The Route Optimization API

The Route Optimization API is a powerful API for logistics applications. It solves vehicle routing problems with many business specific side constraints within (milli)seconds. We specifically created a route editor to let developers learn the API faster and know how to formulate a problem and investigate the solution on a map. As specifying the route optimization problems can be very difficult, we additionally offer dedicated support. Route Optimization API

3. Geocoding API

With our Geocoding API you can convert addresses into coordinates and vice versa (reverse geocoding). For example, you can use this API for address autocompletion or for simple location lookups. We also provide the possibility to integrate external Geocoding providers to provide a one-stop geocoding service.

4. Map Matching API

With the Map Matching API you are able to align measured locations e.g. from tracking a car, to the digital road network - in short: you snap tracked data points to the roads. With this API you are able to make your measured geometries more precise or add elevation or turn instructions after recording the data. You can also calculate distance and time more precise or detect certain violations of traffic regulations of your drivers.

5. Isochrone API

The Isochrone API calculates reachability of certain locations, e.g. which areas can be reached from a pre-defined location within 10 minutes walking time. This can be of great value for companies that need to evaluate potential locations prior to investing in a new facility, e.g. supermarkets that need to determine potential customers. Isochrone API

6. Matrix API

A low level access to route information offers our Matrix API. With it you can calculate times and distances between dozens of locations very fast. For example our Route Optimization API needs all distances between 30 deliveries, so this Matrix API is requested and returns 870 distances (30*30-30) calculated within just milliseconds.

Looking Forward

This year is not yet over and we expect to deliver more exciting features, partnerships and 'directions'.

Have a nice route and stay tuned!

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