OpenRouteService with Locations, SAC-scale and more


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Less restrictions; added SAC

In the past you might have noticed that by using dynamic options - for instance avoidables or vehicle characteristics - your routes were restricted to a much smaller distances than without using any kind of profile parameters. The latest version of the API resolves this issue and lets you compute routes up to 6.000 km for both car and heavy vehicle profiles with any arbitrary option added. A new extra information option for the outdoor profiles (bicycle and pedestrian) has also been added which helps you learn about the difficulty level of specific segments. To this end,  an official standard which is defined by the so-called SAC-scale is being used. For further information, please read more here.

New Locations API

Furthermore a new locations API is introduced. With this endpoint you are able to query any kind of point of interest (POI) derived from OpenStreetMap along a polyline, extent or polygon. A prototypical feature for this has been added to the updated OpenRouteService web app which comprises a plethora of categories and sub-categories.


If you are eager to play around with these new features feel free to browse to and if you can’t wait to use the API directly, please sign up for a key at

ORS in Action at Ministry of Justice Niedersachsen

Last but not least there is one further use case of the OpenRouteService in action. The developers of the JustizNavigator Niedersachsen have successfully implemented our API and are now using it in production. You can find the corresponding web-app here - please be aware that this is the first beta.


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