Computer Systems Institute students develop additional functionality to truck driver app


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Computer Systems Institute (CSI) today announced its collaboration with full service technology agency, UTECH. The agreement means that CSI students will have the unique opportunity of working on a real-life software project as a part of their curriculum. 

 12 students from CSI will be working with CSI faculty and collaborating with developers at UTECH to enhance their electronic logging device (ELD) with additional functionality.

 The transportation related software developed by UTECH provides valuable support to truck drivers and dispatch teams while also offering ELD related functionality to help truck drivers remain safe, and compliant with new government regulations.

 Adoption of its GPS Tab ELD by truck drivers has been outstanding but UTECH realized that there are additional features that could be developed to further support truck drivers. On top of the current functionality, students from CSI will be working with the UTECH team to develop voice activated text messaging to save drivers from taking their eyes off the road, and provide access to potentially important information such as upcoming road hazards.

 CEO of UTECH Geo Forton explained, “The transportation industry is drastically changing and this includes the compliance implications driven by the government’s December 18, 2017, ELD deadline. Our GPS Tab has been very successful because we recognized that transferring to a digital device is not something all truck drivers find easy; it has been designed to be intuitive and exceptionally easy to use.

 “I’m very excited to be collaborating with Computer Systems Institute! Its real-world approach to higher learning is exactly what is needed to prepare our country for the future. On behalf of UTECH Inc., we are honored to be working with CSI’s administrative team and the exceptional future members of the workforce it helps to produce!”

 Julia Lowder, CEO of Computer Systems Institute said, “We’re looking forward to starting this exciting project in November, which will provide our students with the practical experience surrounding what they are currently learning. My staff will be working closely with the UTECH development team to offer our students the necessary guidance and to check their progress.”

About Computer Systems Institute

Computer Systems Institute (CSI) was founded in 1989 with the goal of bridging the gap between employers and a shortage in IT professionals by providing training to students and connecting them with employers.

 Today, CSI is much more: It has grown, student services continues to develop and the opportunities available to students are greater than ever. CSI offers a diverse range of courses, including business, hospitality, customer service, computer science, and healthcare. CSI has six schools across Illinois and Massachusetts (Allston, Charlestown, Worcester, Chicago, Lombard and Skokie).

 Through new partnerships with local colleges, employers and organizations CSI continues to grow and expand its opportunities for students. CSI’s focus on helping students gain the academic skills, knowledge, and support they need to reach their personal and professional goals is stronger than ever.

 As a business leader, Julia Lowder believes in social responsibility as the core of her business philosophy. Whenever CSI opens a new location, it hires the local workforce and supports the local economy. Over the years, CSI has held blood drives, bone marrow drives, many food drives and has provided many opportunities for its staff and students to contribute to the community.

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