It's a new day for mapping tools


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Mapping tools are mostly unchanged.

Messaging took over communication. Docs and spreadsheets became integrated and collaborative. Operating systems took on entirely new forms in a mobile world. Yet, mapping tools are mostly unchanged.

Since the 1960s, mapping tools have been built around satellite imagery as the primary data source. We built tools to make satellite based maps faster, prettier, and easier to consume across web and mobile. Yet, the dominance of satellite meant that mapping tools didn’t have much to work with.

It’s a new day.

Every new car, drone, and airplane is equipped with a camera and soon enough LiDAR sensors. These sensors are generating far more data than satellite ever could have, and unlike satellite, this data is live and often three-dimensional. It’s a different world than old school satellite and yet we are trying to shove all this new kind of data into the same old mapping tools. With the proliferation of sensors (cameras, LiDAR, radar) and machine learning data what if we could start from scratch and build a new kind of mapping tool that makes all these sensors and data first class citizens? When we gave kids Minecraft they built amazing new worlds. Hivemapper is a Minecraft for mapping tools, and forward looking users will build amazing new maps.

Introducing the new Hivemapper.

By blending the utility of 3D maps, the visual fidelity of video, the accuracy of LiDAR, and the power of machine learning analytics we have created a unique mapping tool for building 3D maps with vision that sees and reveals changes happening in the world. This is the new Hivemapper.

Erasing boundaries to work faster

The starting point for Hivemapper will feel familiar. It opens to a map but as one begins to navigate around the map Hivemapper reveals itself to be powerful and unique. Hivemapper was built to erase boundaries between 3D maps, video, LiDAR, and analytics so you can visualize, search, and work with accurate maps across any web browser. This blog post digs deep into the product experience and all its new and powerful features.

A map that sees and reveals change

Building a map that only maps and visualizes is necessary but insufficient. Cameras and LiDAR sensors generate massive amounts of data. Too much effort and time are required to derive valuable information from staring at a map. Hivemapper automatically answers the critical question of what’s changed in the world by telling you what’s new, what’s gone, and what’s unchanged. Hivemapper can tell you if a tree is leaning into a utility pole, if a road is eroding beyond its safety limits, how construction is progressing, and more.

Hivemapper — Change Detection Built for collaborative mapping

Map together. All new video and LiDAR uploaded to Hivemapper automatically builds or refreshes the same global 3D map for your organization. Like a collaborative document where multiple people are creating and editing the same document, our map is collaborative. An airplane, drone, and car equipped with a video camera or LiDAR sensor can all map an area together. When their content is upload to Hivemapper buildings are added, streets are updated, and poles removed to your living map without any human involvement. We built Hivemapper so everyone can map and work together, in their own way, off the same data.

More ways to visualize maps

Your accuracy obsessed analysts and your give-me-wow-visuals marketers can work off the same map data. Everyone gets their view and access to the answers they need. Read more in this blog post.

Fresh. Accurate. Beautiful. Maps.

More ways to build maps with infrared videos

The same mapping engine that builds maps from color video now also builds maps from infrared video. Upload color, infrared, or both and we’ll build a complete 3D map.

Never before could you collect standard color and infrared videos which could merge into a single map and enable automated change detection and analytics. Today, that all changes. Read more here.

What will you build?

We’ve seen forward looking businesses build maps with Hivemapper to assess damages, support autonomous navigation of drones, secure borders, and track assets. What will you build with Hivemapper?

  • Map of post fire damages in Santa Rosa, CA
  • Map of post fire damages in Santa Rosa, CA (captured with airplane)
  • Map of Chevron Refinery in SF Bay Area, CA (captured with airplane)
  • Change Detection Map of re-build post natural disaster in Santa Rosa, CA
  • Change Detection Map of construction

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