Learn how to improve mobile targeting and audience creation with World Premium Points of Interest

The World Premium Points of Interest (WPPOI) dataset provides location and detailed company information for a diverse set of commercial and retail businesses, leisure and geographic features and landmarks around the world. Users can utilize the WPPOI dataset to gain valuable insight into individual POIs, a family of POIs or all POIs within an area, and can make business decisions for risk analysis, access to services or recreation facilities, store location, location-based marketing, and “find my nearest” searches. In this webinar session, we show you how to improve your mobile advertising targeting and audience creation:

  • Engage with prospects exactly when and where they are most likely to buy
  • Develop Audience Profiles based on POI visits
  • Target and analyze consumers based location, distance and travel time
  • How branded geofences can improve analytics and targeting around POI footprint
  • How neighborhood, postcode and location boundaries can impact your targeting

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