Learn How Building Accuracy Can Empower Your Location Intelligence

Are you satisfied with the accuracy and versatility of the geospatial data that your organization depends upon? BuildingFootprintUSA is creating the next generation of US and Canadian data to better solve your business problems - allowing you to accurately locate, analyze and visualize your business data and opportunities.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is building footprint data
  • The components of a building-centric data model
  • How building-centered analysis provides you with a more accurate tool for locating, analyzing and visualizing information
  • How businesses in insurance, telecommunications, real estate and more are using richly attributed building data for a competitive advantage


Karl Urich, President, BuildingFootprintUSA

More Details

BuildingFootprintUSA is leading innovation in the location intelligence building footprint product category. They continuously expand and improve their database of nationwide addressed buildings, and provide the ability to link buildings with other key information - physical characteristics, real property data, demographic data, list data and more. Their data model allows you to use buildings - where people shop, play, work and live - as the anchor for any business problem requiring locating, analyzing and visualizing critical information.

Who should attend? 

GIS Managers, GIS Analysts, Data Scientists, Product Managers, Data Analysts, Demographers


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