How to Combat Costly and Tedious Data Collection Workflows with #LaserGIS®

The rapid advances in GIS technology have created a pathway for Laser Technology to help you do more with less by integrating lasers with the smart devices, mapping apps, and GPS/GNSS devices that you already own. Learn how you can maximize your productivity by creating a quicker and safer field data collection process that can generate an immediate ROI without sacrificing data integrity.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How you can leverage affordable available technology to increase GIS productivity
  • What apps and 3rd party devices laser rangefinders can integrate with
  • Workflows that makes field data collection simpler and safer
  • Proper & accurate field measurement techniques that can eliminate data collection errors

Who should attend?

  • GIS: managers, coordinators, specialist, field technicians
  • Utilities: field crews, joint pole use, lineman
  • Markets: GIS, Forestry, Natural Resources, Utilities, Public Works

Making a small investment into a TruPulse measurement and mapping laser can eliminate tedious and costly data collection workflows. Whether you are just getting started or already own equipment and software, you can integrate an LTI laser and collect far more data in less time all within a short learning curve. To learn more about LTI lasers, please visit: 


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