Calling All GeoMentors to Map Out Your Impact

2018-09-06T18:00:00Z - 2018-09-06T19:00:00Z

School's underway! GeoMentors are needed and can do a great deal with a few key resources from Esri's Education Team. Esri offers free GIS software and learning materials to schools and youth clubs for instruction, but "stuff ain't enough." GIS can feel a little intimidating for novices, so a few key resources and approaches can help GeoMentors, educators, and students all succeed. Stock up on items and methods to help local youth clubs and elementary, middle, or high schools.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About resources for introducing GIS to educators
  • Strategies for finding interested educators and providing quick successes
  • About extended opportunities for collaboration


  • Charlie Fitzpatrick, Education Manager, Esri
  • Tom Baker, Education Manager, Esri

Who should attend?

GeoMentors and any other geo-savvy adults who want kids to be also.

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