Welcome to September and the start of a busy Fall Season

By Joe Francica

To our Readers and Patrons:

The Directions Magazine "tag line" is "Your GIS News Source" -- it is that and much more.And so, I wanted to take this opportunity to do three things:

  • Announce new changes and enhancements to Directions' Web Magazine
  • Announce our all new Web Mapping Contest
  • Highlight the key articles and interview of these past few months
First...Some new and old items that makes Directions the best online resource for GIS professionals:
  • The Essentials - You've asked for it...we've got it - Product Buyer's Guide - What are you looking for? Desktop Mapping Software? Web Services? GPS? Do you have a product to add? Establish a private login with us to securely edit your company's product information: Go here or contact our webmaster for details.Our comprehensive Company Directory is linked directly to the Product Buyer's Guide so you can find all the information you need quickly.
  • The Employable - On September 20th, Directions is expanding our Career Center.Currently we post jobs from around the world thanks to GeoSearch and Spatial Jobs.Now we open it up to both job seekers and employers to post their resumes and job listings, respectively.And best of all - its FREE.As a service to the GIS professionals in our community, you will be able to search by country, experience level or keyword.You can edit your resume and reach hundreds of employers.
  • The Opinionated - Do you have an opinion? Then it is time to "Sound Off" -- On October 1st, you'll have the opportunity to start telling us what you think.In both regular online polls and a new "Sound Off" section that we will present on a bi-weekly basis, readers will tell us what they think about both interesting and controversial topics.Got to get something off your chest? Send us a topic you would like us to discuss.As an incentive for those who participate, we've got sponsors lined up to offer prizes that we'll draw randomly every few weeks.
  • The Illustrative - Need to see what others have done with digital mapping and map publishing - You need to see our Map Gallery.Upload your own maps that you're proud of and show it off to the world.
  • The Emerging - See our Exclusive Web Mapping Gallery - Mapping on the Internet has revolutionized GIS. See examples of what others have done.Our entire database of examples is categorized by industry for easy searching.You can add your own project here as well.
And speaking of the Web Mapping Gallery, you will want to know about our new Web Mapping Contest starting October 1st. We are pleased once again to have Microsoft sponsor this fun contest.Last year more than 100 websites were submitted to the contest with winners vying for a Microsoft Xbox Game Console.This year, the prizes will be equally enticing, high-tech, and whiz-bang.You won't want to miss out. Entries to the contest can be submitted starting on October 1st. The last day for entry will be October 20th.All readers of Directions Magazine will be eligible to vote for the winners in three categories (Government, Business, Miscellaneous) starting on October 21st. Prizes will be awarded randomly to two people who vote for the winners. All winners will be announced on November 1st.

Lastly, I wanted you to be aware of the extensive library of articles, editorials, and exclusive interviews that we conduct each week.More than any other GIS publication, online or in print, Directions Magazine provides readers with product reviews, application articles, and conversations with people in our industry from CEO's to politicians.Below, we have links to articles that we think highlight our coverage.Did you want to show these articles to others? Go right ahead. We do not restrict you to make reprints from the articles that we publish. All we ask is that you indicate their source.Also, we want to thank and recognize our contributing authors.

I would be remiss if I did not offer my special THANKS to our advertisers.We had over 50 companies support Directions Magazine and our Location Intelligence conference during the past year.As a way of saying "thanks," please see the special section toward the bottom of this newsletter, where their logos are displayed.In addition, many thanks to all of our loyal readers and those who attended the Location Intelligence Conference this year.We very much appreciate your support and we try extremely hard each week to earn your confidence to deliver the finest geospatial technology news and resources available.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have ideas about how we can improve this publication to better suit your needs.Send us a letter!

Published Tuesday, September 7th, 2004

Written by Joe Francica

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