Explore How Imagery Can Be a Powerful Pathway to Your Company’s Success

Prompt location-based insights from imagery are important for many industries. To make it easy to uncover insights from every image pixel, Esri has blended remote sensing and GIS technologies to bridge the gap between Big Data, Machine Learning, and Answers. Spend some time with us to learn how to harness the value of imagery and derived location-based answers that can enhance your work.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Discover dynamic workflows to gain actionable insight from imagery
  • Learn how to take advantage of machine learning tools in your applications
  • Explore advanced object detection from imagery


Dr. Lorraine Tighe, Senior Product Marketing Specialist, Imagery and Remote Sensing, Esri

Vinay Viswambharan, Imagery Technical Product Manager, Esri

Alberto Nieto, GIS Solution Engineer, Esri

Emily Windahl, Technical Editor for the Imagery Team , Esri

Who should attend? Anyone interested in remote sensing or imagery science and analysis

We hope you get a chance to apply some of our workflows. If you would like to take your ArcGIS Pro skills even farther, try it for free.  Join our Imagery and Remote Sensing Community to get ongoing product and workflow updates, share and see customer success stories, post ideas to improve workflows and software, and more.

Resources discussed in the webinar:


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