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16th Jan 2024(KST)_Techtree Innovation Co. Ltd., a leading company in the field of geospatial 3D visualization technology, announced on 16th of January that it has launched ‘AROUND’, a high-precision, high-resolution 3D geospatial map platform that significantly improves the quality and accuracy of existing 3D maps. The company said that ‘AROUND’ is based on its proprietary technology of 3D map generation and rendering, and that it offers four solutions for various industrial applications, such as urban or smart city planning, simulation, military and disaster management.

 AROUND provides high-precision, high-resolution 3D geospatial maps rendered with satellite maps, GIS data, 3D scanning using the PSM (Photogrammetry Software Mapping) method, and high-end graphic production technology using the Unreal Engine. In particular, it has increased realism by implementing various visual geospatial information data such as terrain, buildings, vegetation, roads, transmission towers, traffic lights, signs and signboards, weather conditions, sunlight, coordinate data, elevation difference, etc., in the real world. It is characterized by having accuracy and resolution within 5cm and unifying all high and low altitude resolutions.

 AROUND offers four geospatial 3D map solutions tailored to customer needs:

AROUND. city is a solution that simulates the construction and development of urban areas or buildings, thereby contributing to urban development. Through city simulation, 3D visualization, and data of, it can be used for analysis of various environments such as commercial, cultural, and residential facilities, and for space, environment, planning, design, and landscaping. This allows for the establishment and exploration of alternative plans and the progress of development and evaluation. It also enables savings in time, effort, and cost in planning urban development and infrastructure projects that suit the location conditions and situations, and in smooth communication, analysis, and decision-making with various key government agencies, communities, clients, and other internal/external stakeholders.

 l AROUND. real

AROUND.real is a solution that provides high-quality 3D visualization mapping data with all collisions and blocks placed, which can be used in simulators of aircraft such as UAM, helicopters, airplanes, autonomous cars, and various transportation means, based on the development platform. The digital twins implemented with AROUND.real allows for safe testing without risk in areas where real boarding and training are accompanied by risk. In particular, it implements a variety of accurate and detailed visual spatial information data, such as real terrain and buildings, grass, roads, utility poles, traffic lights, signs and signboards, weather conditions, and sunlight, just like reality, so it can provide users with an immersive boarding and control experience.

 l AROUND. sim

AROUND.sim is a solution that visualizes refined data on various physical phenomena such as building wind, flood, and population density in a specific area using the high-precision real-world terrain and structures provided by the AROUND platform. Through this, it is possible to predict problems about complex future situations in the same environment as reality, derive insights, or propose solutions. In addition, it provides more intuitive interpretation results compared to existing CFD simulation results, so non-experts can observe in 3D and easily perceive.

 l AROUND. map

Launched in 2020, is a 3D real-estate marketing solution that already has commercialization achievements in the construction and allotment market. has received attention from various construction companies such as Hyundai Construction, Hyundai Industrial Development, SK Eco Plant, etc., and is mainly used as a marketing solution in apartment promotion event halls. It visually represents the vision and buildings of the future that do not exist at the time of pre-sale, addressing the disadvantages of the existing pre-sale market, and implements all visual expressions such as virtual tours of all surrounding locations and pre-sale complexes, traffic, development plans, development benefits, view rights, and sunlight rights, just like reality.

 Techtree Innovation expects that these solutions will be utilized diversely in fields such as digital twins, smart city construction, autonomous driving, aviation, military training and education, disaster prediction, smart city or urban planning, review, architecture, design, etc.

 Seung-Yeop Choi, the CEO of Techtree Innovation, said, “We aim to provide an experience of meeting the future where the world can be understood more easily through Around, beyond reality.” He added, “We will strengthen our technological competitiveness, expand our application areas to various industrial fields, and strive to become a global leading company in the field of geospatial information visualization targeting domestic and global markets.”

 About Techtree Innovation Co., Ltd.

Techtree Innovation Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the digital twining and visualization of high-precision 3D geospatial information. It visualizes and renders 3D maps precisely through its own internalized technologies such as satellite maps, GIS data, and 3D scanning with PSM (Photogrammetry Software Mapping). Based on the slogan 'There is no substitute for us', they are improving the accuracy and reliability of 3D map.

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