3D Viewshed Will Be Released in the Next SuperGIS Earth Server


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SuperGIS 3D Earth Server is the software designed for publishing local and global 3D geospatial data on the internet. To further connect the global geospatial data and achieve the goal of Digital Earth, Supergeo has developed this advanced 3D GIS product for years. With this Server, you can stream and share various 3D data like including buildings, utilities, and traditional vector and raster data to multiple clients in real-time.

In the next version of SuperGIS 3D Server, which will be released shortly, 3D Viewshed analysis will be supported. The tool for 3D Viewshed analysis is handy especially when you want to know the visibility of certain geographic features. For example, where can we see the new water tower if it is built in a specific place, or what will the view look like when we are on the highest floor in a tall building? As shown in figure, the result of developing Viewshed tool is marked with black dots.

Supergeo is keen to deliver easier-to-use and more powerful tools for users to interact with the 3D GIS environment on the internet. The upcoming 3D Viewshed tool will be able to calculate and then mark the visible area on the terrain and 3D KML/KMZ building models for any given observation point.

Once the 3D Viewshed is completed, it will be displayed on the terrain as a point cloud, where the center is the observation point, and the boundary is formed with the endpoints of lines of sight in different directions. The visible area from the observation point will be colored green (by default), while invisible area will be colored red (by default).

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