Learn How Mobile Mapping is Changing with Android Apps, Laser Rangefinders, and GNSS to Create True GIS Synergy

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has been the new buzz term in GIS because using smart devices to collect field data is convenient, more cost-effective and easier to take from the field to the office. Professional data collection apps are now getting more sophisticated by integrating external GNSS/GPS devices, laser rangefinders, cloud technology and more.

This webinar discusses how you can leverage available technology without breaking the bank or sacrificing data integrity.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • To best leverage the data collection equipment, you already own
  • Android mapping apps are changing the GIS world
  • To integrate modern technology without paying outrageous subscription fees
  • To collect higher-grade positioning accuracy in less time

Reflectorless laser technology is the perfect solution for field measurements. From capturing a distance, height or elevation value to verifying an azimuth direction or remote location with GPS, our handheld lasers and mapping accessories let you capture accurate data safely and more efficiently than any alternative method. With an LTI laser in hand, a single operator can collect a wide range of data on multiple targets from a single spot, which makes it the ideal tool for any professional whom collects and reports field data.


Derrick Reish, Sr. Professional Measurement Product Manager, Laser Technology, Inc.

Paul Adkins, Global Communications Manager, Laser Technology, Inc.

Who should attend: Anyone in GIS, Forestry, Natural resource management, General construction, Utilities, Mining, Telecommunication


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