Learn How Boundless Enables Modern GIS for Complex Use Cases

Government agencies and commercial organizations must consistently do more with less, even when it comes to GIS. Boundless offers a way for these entities to see increased efficiencies in the way they create, edit, and share geospatial information across their organizations and with the public – without the limitations of named user logs or the frustration of unpredictable costs.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to save on licensing costs, while extending access to anyone who needs it
  • How to drive value from existing data
  • How to achieve more flexibility and scalability in your GIS operations
  • How to quickly get your GIS to the cloud, without IT disruption 

Who should attend? 

All GIS leaders, practitioners, and users in commercial enterprises or Government agencies, and anyone interested in learning more about geospatial and location-based technology solutions based on real-world contributions from our guest panelists.

More Details

Boundless offers solutions that enable customers to create, publish, visualize, and share geospatial information across their organizations, without concerns about spiraling costs tied to licenses and number of users. Provide the access you need, right when it’s needed, with no costly roadblocks. 

Engage with Boundless to obtain an assessment of your infrastructure, and we will provide a complete migration path for your solution at no cost – Boundless will prepare a project plan, stand up the baseline cloud infrastructure, deliver a pathway for data migration and provide training and support to get you started. No other geospatial software company gets you to the cloud faster, at scale and with limitless user licenses - all at a lower total cost. https://boundlessgeo.com/state-and-local/


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