Happy Summer from the Directions Magazine Team

July 30, 2015

Sharing is Caring

From the Editors

Happy summer! As the industry’s oldest geospatial publication, we’re honored to have such a loyal audience. From our entire team, we extend a heartfelt thank you for continuing to make Directions Magazine a success! This week we’re featuring the most popular articles from the last six months, since adopting our new mission: ENGAGE — INFORM — INSPIRE. Please keep sharing your favorites and comments on our exclusive content via TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook. If you have article or webinar topics that you’d like to see, please share those ideas with us.

What’s ahead for Directions Magazine?

Bill McNeil, Contributing Editor – sUAVs, will be sharing “new horizons in data storage, data processing and data sensing devices.”

“Look for more stories about geospatial MOOCs, developments in the world of credentials and certificates, and how the practice of citizen science is changing the ways that government agencies do business,” said Diana Sinton, Contributing Editor – education and research.

And our publisher, Jane Elliott, shares her vision: “We are looking forward to seeing our communication grow. I encourage our readers to give us feedback. Let us know how we can direct this discussion, so that we can keep Directions focused on your needs…and be sure to tell a friend about Directions Magazine.”

In Case You Missed It: Best Hits of 2015

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Sharing is Caring

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