Bentley Systems releases ground-breaking software for advancing infrastructure

May 25, 2015

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Directions was delighted to have the opportunity to participate in a recent conference call with Bentley Systems CEO, Greg Bentley. During his Fifth Annual Corporate Update Conference Call, Bentley gave the attendees the inside scoop on their next generation of software, the CONNECT Edition, which was introduced at the Connection Event in Philadelphia on May 19th. The CONNECT Edition is the culmination of what the company describes as "30 years of BIM advancements."

CONNECT Edition represents Bentley’s next software platform generation, providing a purposefully connected environment to improve the performance of infrastructure projects and assets from design through construction and operations,” Bentley said.

The new software “provides the first common modeling environment, common performance environment, and common data environment,” the press release states, and it certainly appears to be an incredibly comprehensive solution, leveraging “the Microsoft Azure cloudservice to span hybrid computing configurations for every project and enterprise.” The fact that Bentley is directly connected to Microsoft product engineers and developers bodes well for reliable and comprehensive customer solutions.

Bentley Systems is a respected leader in software solutions aimed at sustaining infrastructure, but it’s the company’s unique, cooperative approach to solutions that truly sets them apart as a world-class organization. It begins with their mantra, “Software at Your Service” rather than software as a service. Bentley not only understands that their clients employ a host of technology solutions to accomplish their work, but embraces that philosophy. They understand that the many solutions working within a project must work in concert, and they build their solutions to be inclusive and easily integrated as part of the whole. It’s refreshing to see a large company truly be “at your service” to facilitate timely success.

Bentley also shared with us how the company’s new acquisitions are further benefiting client success. One of those new additions is close to our heart, SITEOPS. Directions had the honor of hosting a webinar in December 2014 highlighting this valuable site evaluation tool. “It’s like having an engineering staff in a box,” according to one attendee. This addition, along with many others, brings this service-minded company to the forefront in project solutions. Notice the new applications, in blue, on the graphic illustrating the scope of Bentley Systems’ 2015 portfolio.

Figure 1– Portfolio Graphic from the Bentley's 2015 Annual Report - used with permission from Bentley

Considering the company’s dedication to world-class customer service and its continuing innovations in the field of sustaining infrastructure, Directions is particularly proud to be hosting webinars with Bentley Systems. For more information and to register for the upcoming webinars, see our webinar registration page.

You can find out more about the CONNECT Edition in the company’s official press release at:


Sharing is Caring

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