Supercharging Productivity: How ArcGIS® Survey123® and Laser Tech’s TruPulse® Laser Rangefinders Transform Data Collection

November 8, 2023

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In today’s data-driven world, efficient data collection is a crucial element of various fields, from environmental monitoring to construction, utilities, and beyond. ArcGIS Survey123’s laser rangefinder workflows offer a streamlined and accurate solution to enhance your productivity and ensure data accuracy.


The ArcGIS Survey123 team recognized the need and has developed a user-friendly data collection solution, describing it as “a simple and intuitive form-centric data-gathering solution.” With a focus on creating, sharing, and analyzing surveys, ArcGIS Survey123 has recently welcomed the Laser Tech TruPulse line of laser rangefinders into its ecosystem, enabling practical and efficient data collection workflows.

Imagine a construction site where workers need to measure heights, distances, and clearances quickly and precisely. Traditionally, this would involve on-site personnel manually collecting data, which could be time-consuming and potentially hazardous. With the integration of TruPulse rangefinders into ArcGIS Survey123, these processes have become much more efficient and safe.

Unlocking the Power of ArcGIS Survey123 Laser Rangefinder Workflows

ArcGIS Survey123 has seamlessly integrated TruPulse rangefinders, alongside the TruPoint™ 300 Compact Total Station, as directly compatible rangefinder options. These enhancements bring height, angle, and distance measurements to your surveys, eliminating the need to physically occupy an asset’s location and offering new possibilities for field data collection.


One of the advantages to integrating TruPulse rangefinders with ArcGIS Survey123 is users have the ability to capture multiple heights from a single location, making data collection more versatile and efficient. The app offers a range of workflows, including the ability to remotely map assets, collect precise measurements (heights, depths, distances, clearances, and slope grades), and record multiple target heights on a single sheet allowing users to get the most out of their integrated rangefinder capabilities.

This feature is a game-changer in scenarios where assets require detailed height, depth, distance, clearance, and slope grade measurements.

Increase Your Safety

Safety should always be a top priority when collecting data in the field. The integration of TruPulse rangefinders with ArcGIS Survey123 provides a significant safety boost. Users can choose a secure location with the target in sight to remotely capture measurement data and map asset coordinates.

This approach offers several benefits:

• Avoid hazardous terrain and potential injuries,

• Stay away from dangerous areas, such as busy roads and construction sites,

• Respect private property boundaries when assets are located on private land.

Boost Your Efficiency

Remote mapping features allow users to overcome GNSS signal issues and improve efficiency. By selecting a convenient location with multiple targets in sight, you can save time and reduce crew size/personnel requirements.

Overcome Signal Issues

In GNSS signal-impaired areas, you can log on origin point and let the rangefinder take over. Use a receiver to establish a solid signal connection with your asset in sight/range, then aim and capture data. In some cases, you can use established coordinates of landmarks or monuments as origin points.

Resources for Optimizing Survey123 Rangefinder Workflows

To make the most of TruPulse rangefinders with ArcGIS Survey123, explore these helpful resources:

  • Ensure you’re well-prepared with the Esri Help Topic: “Prepare for Rangefinder Data Collection in ArcGIS Survey 123” before heading into the field.
  • For FAQs and troubleshooting, refer to the Esri Get Answers Page: “Using Laser Rangefinders with ArcGIS Survey123.”
  • Stay updated with the latest developments by reading the ArcGIS Blog: “What’s New in ArcGIS Survey123 (June 2023),” which includes insights on TruPulse rangefinder integration.
  • Watch the instructional video created by the ArcGIS Survey123 team to explore the capabilities of integra􀆟ng TruPulse rangefinders with ArcGIS Survey123.

Enhance your data collection productivity and accuracy with ArcGIS Survey123’s laser rangefinder workflows.

In conclusion, this innovative integration brings safety, efficient, and precision to your field work, opening up new possibilities for various industries. By using multiple workflows, enhancing safety measures, and overcoming signal challenges, you can streamline your operations and boost productivity all while maintaining data accuracy.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the world of ArcGIS Survey123 and Laser Tech TruPulse Laser Rangefinders, these tools and guides will help you navigate the world of data collection seamlessly.

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Images source: Laser Tech, scope shot for recording multiple heights


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