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July 9, 2019

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Live updates on ArcGIS solutions and more from the Esri User Conference being held July 8 - 12, 2019 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

Last updated: 7/11/2019 12:11

Learn more about our visit to the Esri event using the new Story Maps tool from Esri.


Digital Map Products

"Our nationwide parcel database, SmartParcels®, and additional location datasets are compatible with the Esri suite and can be integrated into Esri apps via either delivered on-premises data or integrated APIs. SpatialStream® for ArcGIS supports streaming data delivery into ArcGIS Pro, configured ArcGIS applications, and custom-built applications."

— David Mertz, Associate Product Manager, Digital Map Products

High-Accuracy GPS for Esri Survey123 for ArcGIS (mobile app)

Eos Positioning Systems

"Water utilities need that basemap with GPS locations, to be able to use other software for other workflows, like facilities management. Having an accurate asset inventory also means that if a state or federal organization comes in and says, ‘You have to replace all the pipes that date back to a specific time,’ these water districts can then respond positively, having now the required resources to do this." 

— Al Schaeffer, President, Northern Forests LLC


Real-Time Geoid Height in Esri Collector

Eos Positioning Systems

"Field technicians in pipeline, construction, engineering, architecture, water, and any other industry are finally able to enjoy survey-grade vertical accuracy on their iOS and Android devices, with the Esri data-collection app of their choice (e.g., Collector) and their Eos Arrow GNSS receivers."

— Jean-Yves Lauture, CTO, Eos Positioning Systems



Pitney Bowes

The new PBLocator makes it simple to access world-class Pitney Bowes geocoding directly within ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro Desktop environments.


ZIP+4 Code Boundaries

AND Products BV

With the ZIP+4 Code Boundary data you can perform hyper-local, anonymized actuarial analysis as never before which adds an amazing granularity.



Boundary Solutions, Inc.

BOUNDARY SOLUTIONS, INC. Proudly offers ParcelAtlas, Industry’s Most Powerful National Parcel Layer (NPL) Solution. Why the most powerful NPL? Drawing on the experience of early ParcelAtlas users, it is proving to be the most cost effective one available by far for just one reason - ParcelAtlas, and only ParcelAtlas, is INSIDE ArcGIS® Online, not OUTSIDE. Try ParcelAtlas FREE and experience the quick refresh times of live content and the ease and speed of large spatial queries even across multiple counties.


Maptitude for Redistricting Extension for ArcGIS

Caliper Corporation Mapping Software

Maptitude for Redistricting is available as an ArcGIS extension. As a result, you have access to the redistricting functionality and ease-of-use of Maptitude for Redistricting while leveraging your in-house expertise in ArcGIS software and all of your existing Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and other data through the ArcGIS DBMS support.


Nearmap High-Resolution 3-D Aerial Imagery


“The blend of Esri’s mapping technology and Nearmap’s current and historical imagery have allowed our team to identify features that are essential in stormwater billing. Because of the resolution from Nearmap and the functions in Esri, we’re able to efficiently complete the change analysis and deliver timely, accurate billing to our ratepayers. If we had to rely on other sources of imagery, which are not available in a timely manner, we simply could not get the job done.”

— Jeff Duke, manager of GIS Services at Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District


Trimble TDC600

Trimble Geospatial

"The Trimble TDC600 is a next-generation smartphone that integrates with Trimble Catalyst and Esri Collector for ArcGIS for a powerful solution for GIS data collection. It is a new addition to our portfolio of handheld, tablet and integrated devices, which we think offers something for everyone needing scalable and affordable high accuracy GNSS positioning."  

— Gareth Gibson, Mapping and GIS solutions portfolio manager for Trimble Geospatial



Skyline Software Systems

Skyline Software Systems 3D Reconstruction Tool, Photomesh, is capable of producing I3S Textured Mesh outputs for an easy and simple integration into all compatible ESRI tools.


Automated Utility Design (AUD) Version 8.0

Spatial Business Systems, Inc.

"ArcGIS and AutoCAD now work together seamlessly to support utility distribution design. This solution leverages the power of Esri's Utility Network working with collaboratively with SBS Automated Utility Design."

— Dennis Beck, President, SBS.




This quote is from Patrick Baber, GISP – GIS Manager, City of Roswell, Georgia. In close collaboration with Geographic Technologies Group, the City of Roswell is developing a 3D Historic District using ArcGIS Pro, with additional usage of Collector and Spike by ikeGPS.

“Roswell’s Historic District is the focal point of the City. With high demand for location, and strong feelings both for and against change, development within the Historic District is frequently a topic of discussion for Roswell’s government. A dynamic 3D environment will be an invaluable tool to visualize existing buildings, tree covers and other assets within the District, as well as conceptualize any proposed future development. The Spike device was a simple and inexpensive method to augment older, less accurate LiDAR data with the information necessary to create the 3D shapes for the project . We are excited to deploy the 3D environment, and the Spike devices and collection methods are essential to the success of the project.”




Lemur makes GIS an integral part of field workflows for asset management. Lemur takes technicians seamlessly from work orders to spatial information and and back to the work order without redundant data entry or confusing navigation. The process is so smooth and configurable, users love it!


The Argis Lens

Argis Solutions, Inc.

"I believe in providing my crews with the best possible tools to get the job done in an quick and efficient manner. The Argis Lens helps my teams visualize GIS features instantly, and provides a unique window into our data. Ultimately this leads to less time on the job site, and more jobs getting done. Our field guys love using Argis Lens!"

— Myles R., City of Englewood, Colorado


Import and Export DWG files into and from ArcGIS


Our Import and Export extensions are used on a daily basis in water companies as a "bridge" that shortens the data integration between different stakeholders that use AutoCAD and ArcGIS for Desktop.



"With SiteVisit360, we were able to show the client how they could virtually locate, inspect and tag areas of interest. The fact that large amounts of geospatial data can be accessed through any connected device by non-technical stakeholders was a huge selling point. The integration of SiteVisit360 with our existing ArcGIS Online and AutoDesk solutions make it an extremely powerful tool."

Avenza Maps

Avenza Systems Inc.

"I periodically look at other mapping apps that might benefit our work and haven’t really found one better than what you guys have. I appreciate that I can talk to the team from time to time about our needs and where the developers plan to take the app. I sincerely hope Avenza will continue leadership in this app space."

— Lance Case, GIS and IT Specialist from Huber Forest Resources.


Geographic Imager

Avenza Systems Inc.

“MAPublisher and Geographic Imager bridge the gulf between graphical and GIS worlds.”

— Tom Patterson, Cartographer from an article on our blog



Avenza Systems Inc.

"I spent all weekend moving my map from ArcGIS to Illustrator with great success. I have data in sde and file geodatabases and have been able to bring in data without any problems. The end product for this project will be so much better now that I can get it to Illustrator for layout an printing. The other side of this map is being laid out by a graphic designer and the continuity of colors and design will be so much better since we can now work in the same program."



"I continue to be impressed with the level of sophistication of the information and decisions provided through such an easy-to-use interface."

—Mike Collins, Public Works Commissioner of City of Beverly



Sometimes a map needs to be supported with additional dynamic data. With CartoVista's data panels, filter options and thematic mapping capabilities, a shapefile can be turned into a web ready interactive map that helps decision makers make more informed choices.


Laser Offsets for Collector on iOS

Eos Positioning Systems

Seattle Zoo Builds Basemap Around Lions, Tigers, and Bears

EOS GPS & LTI Laser Offsets in Collector to Capture Utility Locates

Downtown Design Services, Inc.

Combining these available solutions saves us time in the field, which in turn makes our projects more profitable


LaserGIS Mapping

Laser Technology, Inc

By combining high-accuracy GNSS receivers and the laser capabilities of LTI, we can empower field crews to capture highly accurate XYZ coordinates from a safe distance. It eliminates the need for physically occupying every point. It also provides more accurate location data, with more affordable mobile asset-management workflows within Collector for ArcGIS.


Sharing is Caring

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