Directions Magazine has been privileged to work with some of the most influential minds in the geospatial industry. Over the years, we have showcased their innovations with the hope of inspiring our readers to greater heights. Dr. Joseph Kerski joins us for our newest series, GeoInspirations. He is interviewing some of those men and women who have changed the face of our industry, shining a light on the importance of geography. We hope that you’re inspired to make a difference with geography in your corner of the world.

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GeoInspirations: Pakrad Balabanian - Geospatial Education Champion for the Middle East

GeoInspirations: Alastair Bonnett - Defining Geography Beyond the Map

GeoInspirations: Jim Castagneri — Counting on Census Geography

GeoInspirations: Dr. Maria Luisa de Lázaro y Torres on Co-founding Atlas Digital Escolar and Improving Distance Learning

GeoInspirations: Dr. Maria Luisa de Lázaro y Torres on Co-founding Atlas Digital Escolar and Improving Distance Learning(Espanol)

GeoInspirations: Susan DeMar - Positive Role Model, Department Champion

GeoInspirations: Dorothy Drummond, the Never Stop Learning and Traveling Educator

GeoInspirations: Bob Dulli, a loud and persistent voice for Geo Ed

GeoInspirations: Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux: Pushing geography into the sky — literally

GeoInspirations: Michelle Ellington—Making efficiency a priority

GeoInspirations: Ann Fritz - Collaborations in the Field and Across Disciplinary Boundaries

GeoInspirations: Raphael Heath, Teaching students to avoid ash clouds & other geo challenges

GeoInspirations: Nathan Heazlewood - GIS is benefiting the planet, enriching career paths, and…is Cool!

GeoInspirations: Dennis Hunink - Educator, Developer, Innovator

GeoInspirations: Dr. Lawrence Joseph - Applying Geography for Better Business

GeoInspirations: Michelle LeBlanc – GeoEducation from the Library to the Community

GeoInspirations: Brett Lucas - Many Hats, Single Focus

GeoInspirations: Barry Martinez - Overcoming the Past for a Bright Future in GIS

GeoInspirations: Judy Mraz - Promoting Geography Education in the Southern Hemisphere and Beyond

GeoInspirations: Luis Olivieri, helping youth build futures with GIS

GeoInspirations: Simon Onywere - Shining A Geospatial Light in East Africa and Beyond

GeoInspirations: René Pretorius - “Don’t Settle for Good Enough.”

GeoInspirations: Randy Raymond, Bringing schools & communities together through meaningful GIS projects

GeoInspirations: Breece Robertson - Making a Positive Difference on Protected Lands

GeoInspirations: Robert Saveland - Geography Educator, War Hero, Lifelong Learner

GeoInspirations: Ken Smith’s Passion for Area Research and Retail Analytics

GeoInspirations: Dr. Josef Strobl – Moving the Frontiers of GIScience Forward

GeoInspirations: Bill Strong, Focused on What Matters

Geoinspirations: Diana Ter-Ghazaryan - Weaving Together the Humanistic and Cartographic

GeoInspirations: Grant Ian Thrall, Bridging Geography, Business and Economics

GeoInspirations: Madison Vorva — A Voice for Change

GeoInspirations: Amy Work - Connecting People, Communities, Geotechnology, and the Environment